Your Health – You Own It! Manage It As Your Most Important Asset

I spend $40,000 a year maintaining my airplane … what good is that to me if I can no longer fly it? I owe myself the best healthcare I can find, whether it costs $10,000 or $20,000 or more!

Granted, we don’t all own intricate machines that cost forty thousand annually to maintain, but this man makes a telling point. A similar comment I heard recently from a client went something like this: “Our business owns a very large fleet of trucks. We don’t let any of them go a day over schedule for maintenance. But when I look at my management team, they sure don’t treat their health that way. Some haven’t had a check-up in four years! That’s going to change!”

Why is it that we take our health for granted? That is, until we have a health scare, a crisis, or somebody close to us does.

The Healthcare “system” does not deliver! It is geared to process, not to serving patients, or “clients”. Our “wellness” is not assessed, only our “illness” is of concern. We are not informed, enlightened or empowered in the process so that we might take greater, more intelligent control. It’s all about the procedure. And we face financial disincentives to do anything other than wait until we’re really sick!

Transparency is lacking – we are given very little information on the results of our check-up’s and, when we do get a report, everything is made complicated. Convenience, user-friendliness – who ever heard of that?

In order to “own” our health we need to be empowered to know where we stand, what risks and opportunities we face AND what we can do about it all. That shouldn’t mean that you and I have to enroll in medical school. It does mean that we should have sufficient understandable information and guidance to make wise day-to-day choices, under periodic transparent scrutiny of our chosen health professionals.

Our purpose at Scienta Health is to make this possible – to inform, empower and help our clients take control of their health in an intelligent and thoughtful way, thereby enhancing their quality of life and ability to perform and to enjoy the rewards of what they achieve. All we ask is that they give us the time and share of mind commensurate with how important their health truly is!

Peter Cooper
President & CEO


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Scienta Health on July 15th 2008 in Scienta On Health

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