Your Organization’s Health – a Wise Investment

Downtown BusinessIf you genuinely believe your people are your most important asset, you will know you cannot afford for them to be giving less than their best.

Presenteeism in your organization – physically at work but delivering impaired judgment, supervision, quality, productivity or customer service – is a serious hidden drag on your competitiveness.

Progressive leaders know it pays to have healthier employees. Direct benefits include reduced healthcare costs, improved attendance and productivity. Indirect and harder to measure are the effects of poor lifestyle habits — lack of sleep, stress, poor nutrition, inactivity — on critical thinking, decision-making, customer interaction, creativity and more. Improving the health of your people is an investment in the quality of your human capital — your competitive advantage in today’s knowledge-based economy.

Asian manager iStock_000012951392XSmallScienta Health delivers biometrics-driven Corporate Health Services. These are not traditional wellness programs, nor are they an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). We design sharply focused, custom programs to assess and address each organization’s unique risk profile. Scienta’s proprietary profiling methodology and data interpretation by our expert health team provides the necessary inputs required to develop cost effective health program solutions for companies.

Our clients come to us expressing frustration with persistent concerns:

  • My healthcare expenditures keep rising at unsustainable rates. What can I do?
  • I need to improve productivity – how to I keep employees from getting sick so often?
  • My EAP is costly and fewer than 5% of our employees use it. What else is more effective to help more people?
  • Executive programs – my senior team won’t go – they say it offers no value. What’s new?

Welcome to Scienta Health Corporate Preventive Health Services. We provide your organization with a completely different approach to reducing benefit costs by targeting at-health-risk employees and proactively creating a health aware, fitter, healthier work place. We say no more to lunch-&-learn sessions and smoking cessation programs with diminishing returns. These are broad-brush attempts to provide a ‘wellness’ offering – they’re simply too soft and fail to engage.

We acknowledge there’s a cost to implementing new programs. This is a necessary investment in your human capital because doing nothing is no longer an option. It affects all levels of your organization. A more aggressive approach to insisting on executive health programs may at first be seen as intrusive, but progressive companies know that serious illness or death in the leadership team is a far greater problem.

Without any doubt, today in business, it’s survival of the fittest.

Contact us now to learn more about our Corporate Health Services, including:

  • Health risk assessment—metrics–driven, medically-based profile of the symptoms affecting your employees and employee-engagement
  • Personalized prevention—leading-edge, targeted screening and prevention programs for your most valuable executives
  • Broad-based screening—pin-pointed, low-cost, high-impact cardio-metabolic screening for the larger group of associates, followed by efficient, engaging support services

It’s time to invest wisely in your Company’s health.

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