Tumor Genotyping: The Revolution in Personalizing Diagnosis & Treatment of Cancer

Third lecture of the 2010  Scienta Health Series: “Strong Medicine”, October 7, 2010

Our guest speaker, Dr. Leif W. Ellisen, one of the world’s foremost experts on tumor genotyping, talks about his team’s revolutionary research work and how their findings are dramatically impacting the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

“The future is now. It used to take 10 years for cancer research results to be translated from bench to bedside. Now it takes just months to bring new therapies to patients. It’s a whole new era” says Leif Ellisen.

Cancer continues to be one of today’s most dreaded diseases, with successful treatment hinging on early detection. But even with early detection, cancer is still potentially fatal.

At the Massachusetts General Hospital’s new Molecular Pathology Translational Research Lab, a team led by Dr. Ellisen and Dr. A. John Iafrate has developed ways to "genotype" tumors, also termed “molecular fingerprinting”. Their aim is to find genetic abnormalities or flaws which have been "switched on" during the cancer’s development. Isolating these enables the research and eventual development of "smart" drugs to target only specific abnormalities and lead to the slowing, halt, or even reversal of cancer progression.

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