Sit, Spin, Type: Would You Pedal While You Work?

Senior Man Riding BikeA recent review of existing research suggests there is “strong evidence” that time spent sitting is linked to a higher risk of death during the studies’ follow-up periods.

That’s bad news for those of us who are desk-bound for long stretches at a time at work. And using the stairs instead of the elevator can only get you so far. We’ve written before about one proposed solution to the problem: walking on a slow-moving treadmill while doing your work.

Another option, featured in research just published online by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, doesn’t require a wholesale rejiggering of office work stations. It’s a very quiet portable pedal exercise machine that you can buy from the manufacturer for under $200, including basic software that records your progress on your PC. You can adjust the resistance on the under-the-desk machine to either tool along easily or work hard enough to huff and puff (just keep your conference call on mute.)

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By Katherine Hobson in the Wall Street Journal Health Blog

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