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May 19, 2010 marked the second highly successful lecture of the Scienta Health Series

Harvard Business School Professor Regina Herzlinger, dubbed "Godmother” of consumer-driven healthcare by Money, delivered a provocative and eye-opening talk on the current state of the North American healthcare system and what is needed to initiate much-needed reforms.

While happy that healthcare will become available to millions of uninsured Americans, Professor Herzlinger fears many measures in recent U.S. healthcare legislation will further boost already excessive healthcare costs. She argues the only way to bring down costs and make healthcare more readily available to Americans is to allow them to choose and purchase their own health plans.

In an interview with Andrew Coyne for Maclean′s Magazine, Professor Herzlinger expounded on her views on North American healthcare. To read the Maclean′s article, please click here: Regina Herzlinger – Macleans May 2010.

Professor Herzlinger′s talk drew attendance from various fields, including healthcare practitioners, Ministry of Health officials, and business leaders. To see photographs of the event, please click here: Herzlinger event May 2010

About Professor Regina Herzlinger

Professor Herzlinger has authored three best-selling books on healthcare. Her most recent, Who Killed Health Care?, was selected by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as one of the ten books that “changed the debate in 2008” and was profiled in a full-page article in The Economist. Noted Merrill Matthews, “Regina Herzlinger, (is) one of the country’s most knowledgeable and articulate experts on the U.S. healthcare system.”

Professor Herzlinger received her Bachelors degree from M.I.T. and her Doctorate from Harvard Business School. She has been honored with numerous awards, including the American College of Healthcare Executives’ Thompson Book of the Year Award twice and the Academy of Healthcare Executives Research Award three times. She has been selected by the students as one of the outstanding instructors of the Harvard Business School’s MBA Program.

More on Professor Herzlinger at:

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Scienta Health on May 24th 2010 in All About Our Events

Your Organization’s Health – a Wise Investment

Downtown BusinessIf you genuinely believe your people are your most important asset, you will know you cannot afford for them to be giving less than their best.

Presenteeism in your organization – physically at work but delivering impaired judgment, supervision, quality, productivity or customer service – is a serious hidden drag on your competitiveness.

Progressive leaders know it pays to have healthier employees. Direct benefits include reduced healthcare costs, improved attendance and productivity. Indirect and harder to measure are the effects of poor lifestyle habits — lack of sleep, stress, poor nutrition, inactivity — on critical thinking, decision-making, customer interaction, creativity and more. Improving the health of your people is an investment in the quality of your human capital — your competitive advantage in today’s knowledge-based economy.

Asian manager iStock_000012951392XSmallScienta Health delivers biometrics-driven Corporate Health Services. These are not traditional wellness programs, nor are they an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). We design sharply focused, custom programs to assess and address each organization’s unique risk profile. Scienta’s proprietary profiling methodology and data interpretation by our expert health team provides the necessary inputs required to develop cost effective health program solutions for companies.

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Scienta Health on May 20th 2010 in Scienta On Health

Protected: Introducing the Scienta Health Series

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Scienta Health on April 30th 2010 in Miscellaneous

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