An enormous hidden cost to your company.

Presenteeism refers to the condition in which the majority of managers and employees arrive for work each day experiencing symptoms of stress or illness, such as depression, anxiety, migraines, respiratory conditions, arthritis, diabetes, neck and back pain and fatigue.

Having employees functioning at high levels of energy and mental acuity is a prerequisite for any business to stay innovative, nimble and competitive. Unfortunately, presenteeism plagues every organization.

Extensive research now shows that presenteeism costs companies far more than all absenteeism and healthcare costs combined.

  • In the Front Line of your organization presenteeism reduces productivity, damages morale and compromises customer satisfaction.
  • In roles requiring creativity, analytical skills and strategic thinking, the effects of stress, inadequate sleep or lack of exercise can be disastrous.
  • In managerial roles presenteeism manifests in poor decisions, short-term reactions and dysfunctional role models.

Does your company measure for presenteeism?

Traditional 'HRAs' (Health Risk Assessments) fall short of providing an adequate or objective picture. Employees participating may be unaware of looming diseases. Basic biometric screening often fails to pick up on some of the most debilitating symptoms